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welcome To our Flip spa, Body Massage Spa near me is the ultimate remedy for all of our body and mind’s stresses, muscle tensions. The beautiful Chennai city becomes congested day by day, pollution level increases and the tension level also increases on our mind --- all these things have a direct impact on our body.

The trained professional therapists of flip body Spa touch your body with the sole intention of a healing effect on your body and mind which ultimately deliver you the satisfaction of a soothing feel that you have headed into our spa center and paid us for. And your satisfaction is the ultimate happiness for the our Flip Spa team.

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Hello, Get ready to enter the world of beauty angels in Chennai.

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Making your day unforgettable is the only motto of our female to male body spa Anna Nagar Chennai. Visiting our parlour will be like coming to your own home. That’s the kind of hospitality we maintain and even the female therapies too make you feel comfortable . Their nature of being friendly, helps you to stay close and helps you to communicate whatever the things, without hesitations..

Massage Spa Near Me


To relish the sexiest figures, to spend quality hot-romantic time in a peaceful private room, and to get b2b sexually-enjoying massages that will keep you energetic and motivated all day and night, just book a sexy and busty massage spa near me from Flip Body Spa. We are very choosy when we recruit female spas as a Body massage spa near me . We only select the top-notch lassies around Chennai to mesmerize you with their curvy and bumpy figure, their slippery body is irresistible to make you fall in love with our girls. The wonderful Body massage spa near me from Flip Body Spa nurtures you for 2-3 hours in an air-conditioned private room to set your mood by wetting their full horny body with purified aromatic herbal oils. Their curvy figure, bumpy hips, pinky lips, and huge boobs, and the tunnel within their boobs is just crazy to set your mood for fornication, hardcore fucking desire to grasp her pussy in a single bite and cum inside her vagina a thousand times. One who comes here recalls the lively ecstasy throughout his life. Maybe that is the reason behind, hardly a man can resist repeating themselves in visiting our Flip Body massage in Chennai to achieve peak horny pleasure.

Massage Near Me


Believe me or not, today, we are living in a digital world, massage near me is just one minute away. This digital world is to some extent different from the world of our Grandpa. They had the patience to wait, they had time to spend and also had money to buy but rarely they could reach their dream. Do you know why? It’s solely due to the lack of availability and accessibility. Now, digital has changed our life. We can enjoy anything and everything we may wish and that is within a few minutes. Flip Body Spa is bringing the top-notch bumpy spas near you. Whenever you seek a massage spa near me female to male directly head into our massage center. The sexy and busty spas from Flip Spa not only remove your muscle pains or stresses but rejuvenate your feelings, nurture them and satisfy even your hidden wills. To explore our Spa near me body to body, never hesitate to call us. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction and for which we have stood out in the market.

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Massage is an age-old practice and in many places a tradition to heal body pains including pains in the neck, waist, or any muscles on our body. And even we practice massaging everyday by ourselves. Interesting, do you know how? Let me tell you, when we rub our body during bathing, body stretching after waking up, or when we masturbate after seeing porn. All are massages and Massage is very very crucial to keep our skin alert, glorious and make it attractive. A Massage center can do all these things very professionally and accurately. Flip Body Spa is a renowned Body massage center in Chennai. Our beautiful and expert female therapists are highly energetic and able to understand your body’s needs. They are the perfect body mate for you among all the Body massage centers in Chennai. We are fully confident about our service quality and we believe the service quality and satisfaction level our spa will give you is hardly available around any other body massage center in Chennai. Our spas can bet on it with you. Are you ready?

Body To body Massage Center Chennai


A sexy massage spa is a highly affordable and benevolent panacea for any kind of issues related to your mental and physical health. Make your life stress-free, breathe fresh air everywhere and fulfill your sexual excitements by the fully naked body to body massage with our b2b massage spa. Body to body massage centers in Chennai by Flip Body Spa helps men and women to maintain smooth blood circulation in the body, quality sleep, and makes your sexual enjoyment fabulous and mind-blowing. Our health is the scarce and most precious wealth on this planet, it needs regular b2b massage to keep up its beauty and glaze. But most of the Chennaiite are victims of many low-quality Massage centers in Chennai. Stay aware of them. Always book the genuine massage spas from Flip Body Spa to experience an awesome body to body massage, college girl’s massage, massage from busty housewives. They not only massage your body with their soft palms and sexy body but also serve the boobs rubbing massage, happy ending massage, and even full naked body to body massage.

Massage parlors


Massage parlors near me is a kind of one-stop solution to make your body and mind satisfied more than your level of expectation. In more detail, a professional female spa will be assigned at your service to massage your body. After getting relaxed from your stresses, pains when you will feel energetic the next episode will begin to rejuvenate your manhood. After the body massage, you can go to the bathroom for a shower with the girl together. Or as per your wish and expectation, she can properly assist you with a happy ending massage. Even if you want to experience a fully naked, breast rubbing massage from the college girl or a housewife, she won’t hesitate to cooperate with you. The Flip Massage parlor is the best place to get every type of massage along with sensual and erotic services by bumpy ladies of Chennai. Your satisfaction is the main motto of our spas and they can cross the limit a thousand times to achieve your gladness.

body to body spa near me


Nowadays, Body to body spa is the topmost type of massage category. There is a very good reason behind it and that is logical too. When you go for a body to body spa near me, the purpose is not only to get an energetic massage on your body. Sometimes we also need to massage our mind to fully rejuvenate our body. As the name indicates the Body to body spa rubs her entire body on your skin after wetting her entire body with herbal aromatic lubricants to awaken all your five senses. And when you come to Flip Body Spa to get Body to body spa Chennai we serve our shortlisted spas with special introspection on their body shape, curvy structure, and everything a female must have to attract and erect genital of any person in the world. No doubt, to keep you healthy is the sole purpose of any massage spa, but would not that be great if you can feed your sensual feelings too during the massage? And for that sexy and hot, busty and naughty college girls of Flip Body Spa have no substitute.

Thai spa near me


When it comes to fitness matters, a Thai massage spa is highly benevolent. It's a kind of very gentle massage with a little bit of stretching of your body. The way massage spa Chennai stretches your body is just adorable. They are highly experienced and understand your body structure quickly so that it won’t pressurize any of your muscles. Rather the stretching at a Thai spa near me lengthens your tight muscles and gives you a very satisfying relaxation. It also reduces the stiffness or knots in muscles that cause pain in your body. So, without any delay just dial our 10 digits quickly and our spa will make you relieved for the whole day and night. And if you are male, our spas have extra menus to serve you like showers with the girl together, boobs rubbing massage, happy ending massage, and so on. You just name it, they can cross the sky to fulfill your desire and make you satisfied.

B2B spa near me


B2B Massage is a great medication for all those busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and even common people. A 30 minutes oil massage can be your ultimate panacea. But in this busy city of Chennai, we all need quick service, we don’t have that much time to wait or spend except in our business or work. To solve this issue Flip Body Spa is offering a B2B spa near me for b2b sexually enjoying massage services with its wide network of humpy bumpy perfectly curved hot massage spas. You need not wait even a minute after arriving at our center. Our female spas are always ready to serve you instantly, no matter what type of massage you need, you just name it and we will assign the best and elegant spa to serve you, starting from 30 minutes Breast rubbing massage, or 30 minutes fully naked body to body massage along with happy ending services. If you book a B2b massage near me from Flip Spa, we guarantee a hundred percent satisfaction of your body and mind.

Female to Male spa near me


Female to Male massage spa in Chennai is one of the attractive menu items in the busy schedule of the Chennaiite. The maritime climate of Chennai is attractive to tourists as well as new generation professionals. Every year millions of tourists visit Chennai and return home with lots of unforgettable memories. Wanna experience the Female to Male massage Chennai in a peaceful environment, to make you free from the work strain of the day, or as a tourist you want to collect some beautiful and romantic stories to note in your diary? I would commend you to visit our spa center. Flip Body Spa is offering a full-service Female to Male spa near me, even you can have a fully naked massage experience from our bumpy and seductive girls. We have shortlisted some hot college girls, and housewives to make this great Chennai free from stresses and muscle or joint pains in your body through our Female to Male spa Chennai. Visit us to make your dream destination Chennai tour more indelible.


If doesn’t matter either you are a chennaity or from other place, all needs one wish to be fulfilled is that body and mind relaxation, have you ever struggled or wondered where to get massage near me in Chennai. We are top best service provider for massage in Chennai
This is one of the four major city and also a hub for most people who travel for business. Massage in Chennai is extremely different when compared to other place by means os cost and customer satisfaction.
Our total expenses will be defiantly on client material and equipment to comfort you. No compromise on any guarantied words.

Massage in Chennai


Entertainment with Estacy is what we guarantee in Chennai body massage center. Body to body massage is one of the best treatments to relax muscle, ease out of body pain and to exhaust mental pressure. Just imagine yourself with wonderful women who will assist you for 2 to 3 hours in a private room. Your mood will be purified with aromatic flavors, muscles and joints which worked too hard for days will get a gentle pressure and rubbing with soft hand by wetting them self fully on herbal oil. We provide complete air conditioned room with a mild relaxing and romantic music in the background which helps our client to go for deep sleep also.

body Massage in Chennai

"Chennai Massage services are on high demand due to the requirements by high-end clients and it is going to awesome just because of convincing real".

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In consideration towards the amount you pay for full body massage in Chennai will be totally utilized by service and very reasonable too. Comparing with any body massage spa in Chennai only our spa is charging very less which every common middle class can also afford. Regular head and foot massage will cost a small amount but for full body massage depending on type and style of service price may vary. If you want to know the full body massage price in Chennai you can compare our service price with any other website to understand well, if any special or personalize you may be charged extra according to the service requested.

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Every day and every moment should be happy and for that there is only one place in this world that is flip body massage center. Imagine a dream world or a heaven in which you want to be treated like king with lot of girls who can touch, make love and keep you feel relaxed, cares you with their fingertips, bring in your mood of fornication by pressing their curvy body over you, all this will come true only here and you feel like having a happy ending in Chennai. You will find ecstasy with our girls; they will challenge you for returning happiness towards them. Divine body beauty will divide itself to tease and feast your hungriness of love making, all you have to do is just express your expectation and al will be fulfilled by our humpy bumpy beauties.

Chennai Call girls


Being best has certain criteria but it should be always one step more to surprice an satisfy the customers. In this city many claims that they are the best massage center in Chennai absolutely not true and when we completely evolve and change our style of service to our customer with continues changes of stripling which is a feast for who are regular and availing massage service in chennai from us. There is no limit to enjoy our beauties and seamless service is always provided. No one can resist themselves in repeating to visit to our flip body spa in Chennai. Humpy bumpy boobs massage is a special type of service to our customers with low price and an exclusive room with air conditioner and aromatic oil to cleanse the mind and to bring a lively ecstasy.

thai spa Near me


Come to feel the paradise, take an excellent package with our beautiful ponies to entertain you, body massage spa in Chennai may exist in many places but most of them are just a service provider for money and we are not so. Our idea is to give the feel of divine experience of connected body and soul and complete fun with lass. Blend of beauty that we have in our collection will mesmerize with their dancing body and slippery bumps, you can feel the gentle touch of their body and can perform your own style of play to achieve your peak pleasure. Teeny boppers are well trained in body massage as well as keeping you engaged for the whole time you booked. This makes you fall in love of their body and will never let6 you take rest.

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body to body massage in Chennai body to body massage in Chennai? body to body massage in Chennai? body to body massage in Chennai?


Now a days everything is instant or ready-made and just above all this most of them need their service at their door step for more comfort by understanding this all our beauties are connected by online service and so they can provide massage service at door step in Chennai on the go itself. This is quiet easy process for our customers. They have to login to our website, check the available girls online by their profile and photos then you are ready to call and confirm them to come to your place. We understand and value your comfort which will be much better when it is your house than an unknown place. You can utilize all your time from getting comfort till reaching the climax. Imagine our beauties at your home along with you on your bed for the whole day.

how to find good massage center Chennai how to find good massage center Chennai how to find good massage center Chennai how to find good massage center Chennai


Almost many countries recognize the importance and benefits of body massage so now in India especially in Chennai people are getting awareness and knowing the benefits of massage so most of them willing to opt this service. Male to male massage, female to female massage or cross sex massage are all very common in this service. Male to male massage service in Chennai includes muscle relaxation, chronic healing and rectifying the blood stream throughout the body. Men’s are mentally stressed and physically tired of working long hours so definitely they need a recharging and rejuvenating hub and that is provided in Flip body spa by male to male massage in Chennai. Oil massage, Gel massage, Head massage, Hot stone massage and many more are provided with happy ending if needed

What is a body to body massage hat is a body to body massage hat is a body to body massage hat is a body to body massage


Various types of massage have various level of pleasure. In flip body spa center we provide many types of massage like shiatsu massage, yin yang massage, ayurvedic massage, soapy and loomy massage also includes hot massage in Chennai outlets, different charge for different types of massage. All the massage includes a basic facial spa therapy and body wash for free. Lots of collection in choosing beauties, it comes state wise and also few attractive international girls are involved. All the time of your visit all the girls will present themselves with sexy outfit and so you can enjoy their body structure and cleavage part this will initiate your mood and also it will be helpful for you to pick the right partner to perform with you on the bed.

Where is a couple massage in Chennai? Where is a couple massage in Chennai? Where is a couple massage in Chennai? Where is a couple massage in Chennai?


Many people are fond of international massage like Swedish massage chennai, Japanese massage and chines massage but above all this the most famous and world known massage is sandwich massage from Thailand and we bring the same exact replica of this massage in Chennai. Two young and sexy girls will accompany you and before the special massage session starts they will accompany you and before the special massage session starts they will take you for a warm both and will cares you from top to bottom. The special layer massage begins by understanding themself and you will play a filling role in between two girls. The peak of excitement can be experienced when your body lies of one girl front area and another press with her breast and hip strongly. All you will take home after sandwich massage chennai is good health and wonderful memories.


To rest your body and to relax your mind, massage chennai is one of the best and most needed tool, this ailment technique is followed for many years. Since this is an ancient technique it worth very much and also according to modern science and invention this technique evolved and in some place this technique also follows other few procedure from various parts of this world. To get the perfect massage from the right spa is made very simple, either visit flip body spa center or login to our below given website for enquiry and booking. Some are worried and confused about where and how can I get body massage in Chennai but there is nothing so. Our spa is very clean and staff are well trained for this job also we are very transportation policies and rates


Chennai is a wide spread city on all sides as well as it is much facilitated and also in low price to avail such services. Even though lot of spa center and massage parlor operating inside Chennai we should check its quality of service and their experience and operations for massages. Body Massage In Chennai most easy available, most safety, most affordable and most advanced body massage center is flip body spa and massage center. All the girls and beauties are trained nicely but even they will be upgraded every year for their improvement in new techniques more than this every month our workers are tested medically for their fitness and strength to provide a safe and secured service for all our customers.


As soon as you have decided to go for a best body massage spa which would be safe, useful and cost wise effective then you should choose flip body spa website. When compared with any other body massage and spa website ours will be updates more frequently on different types of massage that we add.. Latest updates on beauties that joined the club to provide you service. More than all these things we always change offers and discounts for different occasion for different people to enjoy our service. Many website will attract you by their design and interior with so many young national and international girls pictures but when you think of going for that types of massage by the girls in the website you will know that is fake better trust us who are genuine and transparent towards customers.

Best Model Girls Massage in Chennai

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Which massage parlour in Chennai offers sex Which massage parlour in Chennai offers sex Which massage parlour in Chennai offers sex Which massage parlour in Chennai offers sex Which massage parlour in Chennai offers sex Which massage parlour in Chennai offers sex Which massage parlour in Chennai offers sex Which massage parlour in Chennai offers sex A few people like attractive women


All over India Chennai is one of the major city but in terms of cost to live and for the cost of entertainment and fun; Chennai is very less expensive while comparing with other metropolitan cities. The concept of massage for common people was dated long long years but that commercial it was practiced for medical or for service purpose only and now there are more number of spa centers and massage parlor in and all around the cities. We are very proud to say that for past five years this flip body spa and massage center operates in almost all major parts of Chennai city. We facilitate our customers by proving pick up and drop service, walk in call service and out call service around the clock.
Many offers and special privilege was given for our regular and VIP customers. Our secret for success is continuous evolving in service technique as well as updating of experienced new masseuse constantly. New girls will give new experience and unique style can make you feel impeccable pleasure throughout your body.
Initially every customers are allowed with leisure time for a chat with our girls and if needed they can drink and dine with them for more comfort


Massage service in Chennai and in other places are made very easy and quick accessible on any time at any place. Now a days everything becomes online and lively available at your door step. If you are a registered customer you’ll get notification if wished and accepted during first time registration; else you can walk-in to our flip body spa center and choose the girls from the album of the day. There is another service called out call service and door step service in which college girls and part time workers will accompany you at your own house or at the place where you stay. Register and login to our website in which you will find an icon called independent, if you choose that option you get the list of all individual girls available near you.


There are so many benefits in terms of body and mind at the time of massage and also after the service gets completed. Massage is a kind of taking your body and mind together to deep sleep or to a peaceful place for deep relaxation. During our day to day work we tend to run, walk, sit and so may physical exercise involved but all these are not so effective and because of that the blood cells are not rejuvenate but by the help of masseuse who rub and kneed by the help of their soft bodies and staff hands, this generates heat and create passage for free blood flow.
Ageing can be controlled and close to a week your mind will be happy and relaxed which will help you perform much better at work like this there are ample amount of benefits are there in body massage service.

Body massage in Chennai

We understand the value of great massage service for the exhaustive body. Most people have hectic schedules in Hyderabad. This compels them to look for the erotic massage service. However, it's not handy to meet quality service in such a big city. Here flipbodyspa comes to assist the crowd.

Our body massage is not limited to touching. Moreover, we incorporate erotic actions too. Our females are fully confident in the same. They know well how to convey the fun with all sensual touch. It will induce high-quality pleasure.

At our end, you will grab high-quality service body massage in Chennai. It will not make you regret the investment. You will get great service on your expenditure. Get in touch with our naughty and attractive girls.

Body to body massage parlour in Chennai.

Body to Body massage can be more intensive than what you imagined. With Flipbodyspa it will be exciting for you to get with the most beautiful massage therapies of Chennai . But before introducing you about them we will let you know how our body to body massage helps you in giving the best satisfaction to the body.

Body massage usually done with different oils. Olive oil body massage is one of the kind which helps you in relaxing your muscles. By boosting blood circulation and flushing out toxins it eases aches, muscle spasms, and any pain or inflammation. Apart from olive oils , Almond , argan , grape seed , jojoba oils were also be used based upon your body conditions.

Body to Body massage still got various procedures to be followed. The masseuse of Flipbodyspa spa briefly explain what it will be like and how you should act. The parlour room is designed especially for the B2b massage , hence you feel free and comfortable after entered .

The experienced and dedicated therapies were always the main factor for the ultimate body to body massage experience . In Flipbodyspa we have such fabulous girls who are trained professionals. With them, you can get to have a perfect body Massage Near Me.
Our Female to male spa is well equipped with all the necessary things required for that great journey and it worth each penny of yours. Operating in Chennai as the best massage service providers , our Flipbodyspa is known for giving you what its promised.

Body Massage for Males and Females in Chennai

A full body massage can bring numerous advantages, both physically and psychologically. The Chennai massage center, a professional massage therapists say that regular massage can improve sleep quality, boosts energy levels and improves concentration, as well as less fatigue. In Chennai massage centre we provide authentic massage services. Everyone can the benefits of traditional massages in a tranquil surroundings.

Male to female massage center in Chennai

We offer female-to-male massage centres in Chennai . We are providing different types of massages to relieve stress and help to make the body feel rejuvenated and fresh. It is among the top massage centers in Chennai . Most of our clients are interested in the male to female massage. The female therapists of Chennai utilize various types of essential herbs oil that rehydrates the body and boosts immunity. A full body massage from male to female provides the clients a peaceful atmosphere using the most appropriate method. The therapist gently massages the clients all over their body to ease your nervous system. They ease the muscles of pain and remove all tension out of the body. This massage is a chance for customers to totally relaxed as it is a sensual massage clients are able to enjoy an opportunity to relax and enjoy lots, as well as feeling fresh and rejuvenated for a long period of time.

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